• Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England - 1965

  • Studied Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic, West Yorkshire - 1985-1988

  • Finalist in the Hunting Prize, London - 1987

  • Co-founder of 'Gatehouse Studios', Leeds, West Yorkshire - 1988-1990.

  • Group show, 'The Design and Innovation Centre', Leeds, West Yorkshire - 1990

  • Co-owner of 'Fine Art for Business', Leeds, West Yorkshire - 1990-1991

  • Studied Fine Art at N.I.A.D, Norwich, Norfolk - 1992-1993

  • Group show - 'Prime' - Norfolk Gallery - 1993

  • Taught and worked a lot.



Tim Sayer Collection, London.

"Mark strives for an economy of means, the attempt to do the most with the least. He is highly sensitive in his use of material. Substances are often used spectacularly. Mark seeks to make the ordinary extraordinary.

I consider Mark's sensitivity, sense of self-discipline and contemplativeness to distinguish him as an artist."

Simon Granger